248: Awesome Ideas for Fall Adventures at Michigan State Parks


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Fall ziplining along Lake Michigan. Yurt camping. September boating. Equestrian shoreline riding. These are just a few of the autumn and early-winter activities shared by Maia Turek, who returns to the show to talk all things state parks and the many ways we can explore the Great Lakes State over the next several months.

Maia, who works for the parks and recreation division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, has lots of updates for us. After gushing over the gorgeous September weather we've been experiencing — Heather shares a stand-up paddling adventure she recently had with two friends while Maia talks about why boating this time of year with her family is so great — they talk about a number of events and activities taking place at state parks through the end of the year. (Heather also shares save-the-date info on the 5th annual Michigan Runner Girl Winter Weekend Getaway in January 2023!) They also share some laughs about leaping salmon and their impressive "hero's journey" come fall.

Covered during this episode:

- Fall ziplining along Lake Michigan, at Muskegon State Park - Yurt camping at state parks - The DNR's new site and the Things to Do section that is Maia's "go-to" resource. - Renting boat slips through the state parks reservation system — Maia is especially excited about this (and there's discounted rates for this in September!) - It's the 75th year of the state's waterways program and Maia shares more about safe harborage and how that works all around the state's waterways. - The first-ever equestrian shoreline ride is taking place in November at Silver Lake State Park - Fall bird migration news - Michigan Trails Week, which is this week, Sept. 18-24 - MRG Winter Weekend Getaway Jan. 20-22, 2023 - Michigan state parks photo ambassador program - These Goods 4 Good for Michigan - Cambridge Junction State Park in the Irish Hills of Michigan

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