245: Reading, Traveling + Moving Forward with Emma and Heather


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The Michigan Runner Girl show returns from its mid-summer break with Heather and her 22-year-old daughter Emma at Emma's new apartment in Grand Rapids, Mich. talking about all things books (they share their top reads this summer), traveling (a visit to Nantucket in July!), and how they're both feeling heading into fall.

They record their conversation the evening before Emma starts her first day of medical school orientation and on her first official weekend in her new place.

Also part of their discussion:

- Their shared (newer) love of small dogs. (Heather reveals big news about a new family member during this portion of the conversation!)

- Why "comfort" books, movies, TV series, and podcasts are so important to Emma (and what a few of those things are)

- The power of writing and journaling (and how Heather is moving closer to writing a book)

- The ways they're both hoping to stay up on their workouts and running in the coming weeks as a new season (in more ways than one) begins for each of them


Be sure to listen all the way through to the end of this episode, when Heather talks about the NEW Michigan Runner Girl Patreon community and how you can support the show AND receive special perks and exclusive content.

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