238: Pat Butler reminds us it’s never too late to go after it


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Today’s conversation is going to motivate you to keep going, with whatever you’re pursuing right now, whether it’s training for a spring or summer race, or simply sticking with your everyday running and exercise routine.

It’s also going to remind you it’s never too late to try something new, to start doing something completely different and even something so outside of your comfort zone.

Pat Butler, at age 72, signed up for her very first triathlon, Tri Goddess Triathlon in southeast Michigan. And 14 years later, Pat is still going strong with completing triathlons — she’s even competed in senior Olympics and has finished half marathons, sometimes with her kids, who are IRONMAN finishers.

Eva Solomon, co-founder of Epic Races, which puts on Tri Goddess Triathlon, joins the conversation, too.

Pat’s 85th birthday is this July and she’ll again be taking part in tri Goddess Triathlon, held on Saturday, June 25th this year.

Pat lives in Saline with her husband. As she shares during our conversation, spending time with her family — enjoying outdoor adventures together like long hikes, swimming, and road races — is very important to her.

**Race discount code is shared during this episode, for Tri Goddess Triathlon**

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