234: Made to Move + ‘Filling our Runways’ with Mel Charbonneau


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"There's a difference between being depleted and empty, and being depleted and full. I am depleted and full all the time. I cannot squeeze anything else out of my day. But when my head hits the pillow, I think 'God, that was amazing.'"

Mel Charbonneau — entrepreneur, writer, runner, mother and inspiration powerhouse who creates spaces for women to own their stories — sits down with Heather to talk about discovering what fills us up, becoming aware of our values and living a life in alignment with them, surrounding ourselves with supportive people who help hold us accountable (what Mel describes as "filling the runway"), and so much more.

"The more work I have done personally and professionally to define my values, and to make decisions based on what those values are to live the kind of life that I want to live — when I started doing that, everything changed in work, in my personal life, how I approach fitness and movement but also how I parent my kids.”

Mel launched Fellow Flowers in 2012 with a collection of colorful flowers to help women honor the reasons why they run. Since then, she has turned the company into a national movement, 30,000-women strong. Through programs such as the goal-setting Declare It Day, Breakthrough & Begin oceanside retreats and Tell Her cards that encourage women to lift one another up, Mel has created a sisterhood of empowerment and support that proves to every woman that she is a story worth telling.

Most recently, Mel launched the Made to Move Women’s Race Series. Made to Move honors not just race day, but each woman’s journey to it, celebrating goals, competitive spirit, community and stories every step of the way. Made to Move actively works to remove barriers that can prevent women from running and to create a welcoming and inclusive experience for all women.

Mel lives in McFarland, Wisconsin, with her husband and three daughters.


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