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This week I am honored to chat with retired Marine Officer, Brian “Tosh” Chontosh. Brian has received several awards including the Navy Cross for his heroic actions during the 2003 Invasion of Irag. Tosh has been a high achieving leader for a large part of his life and is now pursuing the ultra endurance arena where he challenges his comfort zone and continually re-negotiates the question “Who Am I?”

Tosh’s skillsets, knowledge, mental fortitude, kindness, and vulnerability are all very admirable traits that he displays to the maximum. If you are interested in improving your mindset from one of the most badass dudes on the planet, this episode is for you.


-Who is Tosh and how did he find himself in CrossFit?

-Reflecting back on working with some of the fittest athletes in the world

-How Tosh’s ideas on leadership has evolved from the Marines to now?

-How to view the idea of quitting a task

-Building your inner voice and staying focused on the task at hand

-“Excellence is delicious”

-“The Mind is to Body as 10 is to 1”

-“Hard Men do Hard Shit and without struggle there can be no progress.”

-Attempting to row 3500 miles across the Atlantic Ocean

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