Why coffee can be the best investment for your SME with Monica Wulff from Wework Labs


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Monica Wulff, head of WeWork labs, discusses why coffee can be the best investment for businesses. Tune in as she talks on receiving negative feedback, identifying problems and utilising social media while dropping golden nuggets of podcasts for you to queue!

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How data collection is a story of your business
  • How small businesses can strengthen time management
  • How to spend time with technology to have the best online and offline experience
  • Why having coffee is Monica’s best investment
  • How to be more aware of cybersecurity
  • How trail running is similar to entrepreneurial life
  • A collection of podcasts to queue

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What business would you build on Mars?

“I have a confession. I didn't get on the spaceship. I missed the flight. I honestly have no desire to go to Mars, let alone with Elon Musk. I decided to stay on earth and to help the businesses that are actually trying to be sustainable and have social impact and social integrity as well as e-commerce or commerce right now.”

“If I had to go I would be another one of our lab’s members, Sitehive. They have a software and hardware product that captures all the different environmental elements around a construction site. So dust sound, noise, vibration, and they can compute that back to the civil engineers and the engineering teams that are doing construction. So I think that their business would probably be, granted gravity and all those things and space, a useful one. I think there would be like Levi Strauss selling the shovels to the gold diggers.”

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