Ep19: Building a community to drive your marketing with Lisa and Louise from Share with Oscar


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What you will learn in this episode

  • How to build your product around customers
  • Marketing to your customer's pain points
  • Taking on customer feedback and integrating it into future versions of your product
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • How Oscar got 67 referrals from 1 customer!
  • After getting traction in one city, how to expand your marketing activity to the rest of the country
  • Using different marketing tactics for a double-sided marketplace business
  • How to get started when you know nothing about marketing (spoiler alert: flyers)
  • Why offline marketing still works
  • How offline marketing can be a good excuse to talk to customers and get valuable feedback
  • How to scale your business with limited resources
  • How can small businesses utilise the sharing economy
  • Why it’s important to have business mentors to take your business to the next level
  • Why supervillains are good at loyalty marketing ('Darth Vader is crushing it')
  • Why learning on the job can be the best way to learn marketing
  • Why failure is a good thing (sometimes)
  • Don’t build any new features without talking to customers first

Resources mentioned

COVID-19 healthcare worker campaign to share free parking spaces around hospitals for healthcare workers

Share with Oscar


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UNSW 10x Accelerator

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UNSW 10x Accelerator

Book Recommendation

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

What business would you build on Mars?

This might sound like a bit of a cop-out but it would have to be like a Google Translate for like Martian communication, to communicate between the inhabitants of Mars and us new inhabitants.

Brendan: You guys are very good building apps as well.

Lisa: Yeah, exactly. We'll build that.

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