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Diego is a husband and a father of three children, and he knows that those are the roles that come first in his life. But, for a week this summer, Diego did the unthinkable: he stepped up from serving his three to the church’s 300. The biggest focus of his conversation with Jeff is on that decision to consistently serve, whether it’s on a busy sunny day at Beach Week, or a less-than-glorious freezing Sunday morning in January.

Together, Jeff and Diego unpack some of the most common roadblocks that keep men from serving more in their church community. Then, Diego gives advice on how he was able to overcome those excuses that he once made for himself, and he shares how serving others has blessed him with amazing relationships and a sense of purpose.

Diego doesn’t just keep his faith to his church family, either. As a Clinical Research Manager, he regularly prays with his team members. Depending on your personal experiences, you might fervently agree with him when he says that prayer is frowned upon in corporate America. As Christians, we are called to live boldly and to be a light in a broken and fallen world. But, increasingly, it may seem like having a public faith could risk your reputation and even your job. Diego’s words will bring encouragement to anyone who feels tension in their workplace because of their faith.

For Diego, every day is an opportunity to model a Christian life for others. He’d be the first to tell you that it’s not always fun to get up early and stay late serving – but we aren’t ultimately doing it because it’s fun. If it weren’t a sacrifice, it wouldn’t be serving. It’s not always easy and safe to proclaim the truth and to share Jesus outside the walls of a church, but there are people who need to hear it. Our families and neighbors see what we say and do, and for them, we are ambassadors for Christ.

In the long run, choosing to be bold and selfless for the sake of Christ will never be something we regret. We hope you’ll choose to listen into this inspiring conversation, as you continue to refine and live out your own answer to that big question.

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