Menlo Midweek: The Big Game | Mark Swarner


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This week, we get some more time with our Menlo Park campus pastor Mark Swarner as he closed out our Get in the Game series.

Jesus looks at us with all our faults and failures, just as we are, and says, “I want YOU on my team.” This is in contrast to things like sports championships when only a select few ever get to play in one. Unlike major sports teams, God doesn’t just look for the best and the brightest, the most capable, or the strongest. God invites us—regular human people—to participate in God’s work of bringing hope and healing to the world. Join us as we explore what it means that every one of us has a part in this mission and that Jesus chooses us to be a part of it.

Consider that even our smallest acts of service are part of a much bigger picture that we often cannot see. What’s one way you can be an ambassador for Christ this week?

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