Colossians: Living in Your True Self | Adam Hendrix


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What do you identify as? It’s complicated. We each have many layers to our identity. Our jobs, our race, gender, education, or hobbies. The list is endless. But what is at the core—our true identity? For Christians, our truest identity is seen in Jesus. We are his. We do everything in the name of Jesus. But what does that mean? Many people claim to do things in his name, but their actions are actually filled with anger or malice, not resembling Jesus at all. This week, we talk about the reality that living in his name means living in love. Love is the symptom and indicator of our true self. Identify a relationship or situation where you can “live more in love.” This week, try to see beyond the layers or labels and think of one thing you could do to show the sacrificial love of Jesus.

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