Kim Snider Shares Her “Reverse Funnel” Strategy And How to Use it to Launch a Membership Site the Right Way


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In this episode, long time marketing expert and finance veteran, Kim Sinder shares the inside story of how she launched her new membership site, “Sane Crypro” with Memberium for ActiveCampaign. Sane Crypto is a membership site that teaches baby boomers how to create a sane strategy for investing in cryptocurrencies to save more for retirement. Kim won Infusionsoft’s ‘Most Helpful Partner’ award a few years back and was big in the Infusionsoft space. Before that, she started an Investment firm that was on the Inc 5,000 list two years in a row. You’d think that someone with all this marketing experience would build an advanced membership site with a pretty complex marketing funnel, right? She did the exact opposite. Kim marketed and built her membership program strictly following what she refers to as the “reverse funnel concept.” This means before she even created one piece of content for her membership site, she did a lot of work figuring out who her target market really is, what they wanted and figuring out what messaging they responded best to. Once she figured out the best “hooks” that her target audience responded best to, she then pre-sold access to her membership program to make sure there would be enough people willing to join her membership site. All before she built or invested her time in creating one piece of content for her membership site. The way that Kim went about doing all of this is a lot simpler than you think. To find out how she did it, you’ll want to listen to the full episode to discover how… Over the years, we’ve seen a tons membership owners think they need to have the perfect membership site before they start selling it. This can turn into a project like Noah’s arc. Except once it’s built, no one comes...and no one ends up buying the membership. This is why we recommend taking a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach to creating a membership site, or even better pre-selling your membership like Kim has. In this episode Kim shares a ton of valuable advice for anyone who’s looking to start a membership site from ground zero or is in the process of starting one. You’ll also find out Kim’s advice on marketing a membership site in the early stages, how she’s created all of her ‘members-only’ content following a minimum viable strategy, and what’s worked best for her. To learn more about SANE crypto and Kim you can visit or check out her podcast, the SANE Crypto . You can also download her quick start guide or sign up for her webinar every Wednesday through the link above. Throughout this episode, you’ll also discover... The importance of targeting the right people for your membership site, how to find them and discovering the right message or “hook” that lures them to join your membership site. Find out what the reverse funnel concept is and why it’s the best strategy for solopreneurs and anyone who’s looking to start a membership site on their own. Find out Kim’s minimum viable approach to building her membership site’s content, how she successfully marketed it and much more. Kim’s advice on what to do, what not to do and when to do it when it comes to first launching a membership site. Building your marketing funnel for your membership is just like building a house, you start with the foundation first not the roof. Find out Kim’s minimum viable approach to building her membership site’s content, how she successfully marketed it and much more. Resources/Links Mentioned:

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