How to Create a Successful Online Course and Membership Wisdom with LifterLMS Co-Founder Chris Badgett


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In today’s episode, Chris Badgett, the CEO and co-founder of joins Micah to share his insights about online course design, membership sites and his advice for anyone who’s thinking about starting an online course. Starting an online course is hard. When you’re trying to start your own online course, people run into what Chris refers to as “the five hats problem”. To run a successful online course, you have to be an expert, you have to be a community builder, an instructional designer, a technologist and you have to be an entrepreneur. Fulfilling all these roles yourself can be a huge challenge. Chris shares his advice on how you can overcome this problem and talks about the right way to approach launching an online course when you’re just getting started. Throughout this episode, Chris shares a ton of useful nuggets you can use to improve your online course or membership site. He discusses the importance of using feedback loops to improve the outcomes for your students and ultimately make your online course more successful. Chris Badgett is the CEO and co-founder of , one of the most popular LMS’ for WordPress. Chris started learning about online education on a glacier in Alaska. He's created courses on everything from organic gardening to wood working. He is extremely passionate about helping other entrepreneurial educators find success and create impact by helping them create online courses and membership sites. To learn more about how LifterLMS works you can visit their site and start using it for free. If you’d like to learn more from Chris, we’d like to invite you to to his LMS podcast or join the . Throughout the episode, Chris shares a ton of great advice for anyone with an online course or membership site. To find out all of the advice Chris had to share you won’t want to miss checking out this full episode…

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