Establishing the Endgame For Your Membership Site and Positioning Yourself as an Authority Figure with Eric Christopher


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Eric Christopher is an innovative business consultant and media expert who helps business owners position themselves as authority figures and assists them in gaining exposure through major media channels. Throughout this episode, Eric brings up some key questions every business owner should ask themselves about what the ultimate endgame is for your business and what the end game is for your membership site. Eric shares his advice on how you can better position yourself and your brand as a respected authority figure for the long term that matches up with the goals and core values that you have for your business. In this episode you’ll learn how to go about positioning yourself as an expert (and how to stand out from the pack), marketing your membership site, how to get media attention from major media outlets, the importance of building relationships the right way and much more... As a membership site owner, want to learn how to get attention of journalists and learn how to develop those relationships to get consistent media coverage? Eric is offering a free module from his membership site called “Free Media & Publicity Tips” that will help show you how you can go about getting major media exposure for yourself and your membership site. To get the free module, just text the word Memberium21, to the number 21777.

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