Melodic Beats Podcast #83 Tim French


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Melodic Beats Podcast #83 is courtesy of MB resident Tim French. Tim has been gaining huge momentum of late with his productions and has delivered here what is fast becoming his signature sound. Quality sounds from the breaks and progressive worlds of house music…..

Enjoy and take care..


  1. Framewerk - Seven Chakras (Original Chillout Mix) - Capital Heaven
  2. Johannes Klingebiel - Alles oder nichts - Feines Tier
  3. Andy Kneale - Dysthymia - Attic Forty Nine
  4. DJ San - Substance Carrier (Framewerk Electro Dub) - E=mc2
  5. Audioglider - Drowning At High Tide (Original Mix) - Capital Heaven
  6. Mark Tammo - Psyphon (Original MIx) - Capital Heaven
  7. Distant Fragment - Afterthought (Original Mix) - Capital Heaven
  8. Framewerk - Abandoned (Original Mix) - Capital Heaven
  9. Alan Fitzpatrick - Acid Changes Everything - Anjuna Deep
  10. Adam Port - Ether (feat. Natalia Maczek)- MISHBV Recordings
  11. Gil Zambrano - Hipster Chicks (Original Mix) - Where The Heart Is
  12. Lowdy - Flight of The Imagination - Hathor
  13. Joe Lewandowski - Bitter Sweet - Amsem Records
  14. Cass - Bittersweet ft. Indiana See (Original Mix) - Our Secret Lab Sounds

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