‘We comforted the kids, crossed ourselves, and bid our lives farewell’: sian volunteers who helped Ukrainian refugees reach Estonia


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Up until the end of April, a group of volunteers were working in Penza to help Ukrainian refugees get to St. Petersburg and, from there, to Estonia. However, threats from anonymous Telegram channels and direct pressure from unknown parties -- graffitied doors, slashed tires -- forced the Penza volunteers to shut down their efforts. Journalist Vladimir Sevrinovsky spent several days with the last group of refugees from Mariupol whom the Penza group was able to help get out of Russia. Original Article: https://meduza.io/en/feature/2022/05/14/penza-volunteers-helped-ukrainian-refugees-leave-for-estonia-now-they-are-being-harassed-in-anonymous-russian-telegram-channels-and-called-ukronazis

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