Traumatized by the news: Levada Center director Denis Volkov on why we shouldn’t expect a ‘Donbas consensus’ following Putin’s recognition of the ‘republics’ in eastern Ukraine


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Russia recognized the self-proclaimed "people's republics" in eastern Ukraine on February 21. President Vladimir Putin formally announced the decision following a National Security Council meeting that looked more like staged production than an actual debate. Senior Russian officials expressed unanimous support for recognition, even though it appeared to be a sure path towards an all-out war with Ukraine. At the same time, Putin claimed there was broad public support for the move. Will we see a repeat of the "Crimean consensus" that emerged after Moscow annexed the peninsula in 2014? And how do ordinary Russians really feel about the Kremlin's further intervention into Ukraine? Meduza turns to sociologist and Levada Center director Denis Volkov for insight. Original Article:

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