‘They bury their neighbors wherever they can’: A Ukrainian journalist describes life under Russian siege in Mariupol.


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For over two weeks, Mariupol has been under siege: water, food, medicine, electricity, and means of communicating with the outside world are all scarce. Meanwhile, Russian bombs continue to fall. On March 9, the Ukrainian authorities reported that Russian forces had bombed the maternity wing of the city's Hospital No. 3. Kyiv later announced that the airstrike had killed three people (including a child) and injured 17 others. The Russian government tried (unsuccessfully) to convince people the story was fake, and that the photo and video evidence had been "staged." Meduza spoke to Ukrainian journalist Artem Popov, who managed to escape from Mariupol last week, about life under siege. Original Article: https://meduza.io/en/feature/2022/03/14/they-bury-their-neighbors-wherever-they-can

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