‘My prayers alone cannot save him’: As her son fights for besieged Mariupol, this Ukrainian mother refuses to give up hope


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War has completely changed the lives of millions of Ukrainians. While some fight for their country's freedom, millions have been forced to flee abroad as refugees. Others remain in their homes, struggling to survive in wartime conditions and waiting to reunite with their loved ones. Iryna Egorchenko is a 43-year-old community leader in Kyiv, whose son is fighting in besieged Mariupol. When she spoke to Meduza, Iryna hadn't heard from her son in almost a week. But she refuses to give up hope or give in to fear. In her own words, Iryna explains why she believes in bright future for Ukraine -- and for Russia, too. Original Article: https://meduza.io/en/feature/2022/03/23/my-prayers-alone-cannot-save-him

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