'I was taught that every life is priceless': After 24 years at Russia’s main state news network, Dmitry Likin resigned last week. He explained his decision to Meduza.


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As the war against Ukraine grinds on, Russia's state television networks continue to rack up resignations. Last week, Channel One employee Marina Ovsyannikova staged a one-person antiwar protest on a live news broadcast; special correspondent Zhanna Agalakova resigned from the network at the same time. Shortly after, Dmitry Likin, who has worked as Channel One's art director for over 20 years, submitted his resignation as well. Meduza special correspondent Svetlana Reiter spoke with Likin about his decision. Original Article: https://meduza.io/en/feature/2022/03/21/i-was-taught-that-every-life-is-priceless

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