‘Everyone knows they’re lying’ : How Marina Ovsyannikova rebelled against Russian state television 


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During a live broadcast on Monday evening, March 14, on Channel One Russian state television, a station employee named Marina Ovsyannikova ran out on stage behind the news anchor, unfurled an antiwar sign, and shouted antiwar slogans. Ovsyannikova managed just a few seconds on the air before the transmission cut away to another segment. She was later arrested, held overnight, convicted the following evening of the misdemeanor offense of inciting unpermitted protests in a prerecorded statement that circulated on social media, fined 30,000 rubles (roughly $250), and released. Federal investigators are still reviewing her televised protest and might press separate, possibly felony charges. Meduza spoke to Ovsyannikova's colleagues and pieced together her story. Though she alone has even dared such a disruption of Russian broadcast television, Ovsyannikova's personal opposition to the war against Ukraine is not uncommon among those who work for Russian state TV, Meduza learned. Original Article: https://meduza.io/en/feature/2022/03/16/everyone-knows-they-re-lying

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