Mindfulness Guided Affirmations I Turn Boredom Into Joy


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Listen to this guided affirmation each day to calm the subconscious and appreciate the joy found in boredom.
Mindfulness Guided Affirmations - Turn Boredom into Joy

Distraction is everywhere. We are so open to distraction now more than at any other time in history. Distraction takes us away from the present moment, leaving no space to feel contentment or joy.

We need to use our moments of peace and not allow them to translate to boredom rather than joy.

It is easier to crave and chase distractions than it is to sit with the discomfort of boredom. Join me, sit with me

This is the work we need to practice to feel joy.

Let's turn inwards towards boredom, so we learn about ourselves, our minds, and the actual source.

By exploring boredom, we become more mindful of our tendency that leads us away from finding joy.

Take a comfortable seat in a quiet place.

Close your eyes and turn your attention inward towards breath

As you settle into this moment of stillness and quiet, notice any discomfort

Restlessness might appear as a quality of mind or as a sensation in the body

Stay focused on breath

If you happen to notice discomfort, rather than turning away, turn towards it

Take a deep interest in your feelings of boredom or restlessness

Get curious about the feeling or sensation

Notice if your boredom fades away by taking an interest in it

And if so, return to the breath

Say these words with me :

My mind is calm

My breath is full

I am peaceful in this space

My attention is focused

My thoughts are clear

I am at ease with stillness

I am focused on this moment

I do not seek stimulation

I am focused on what is important

This moment belongs only to me

I am nourishing my desires

I am free to embrace new experiences

Time is still in this moment

I am still in this moment

I am confident

I am pursuing what makes me happy

I am my best self

When we learn to embrace silence within ourselves, we welcome the mind to experience joy. The surges of distracted interest become less, and we can sustain a steady focus.

As you go about your day, use mindfulness to recognize boredom. Notice when you fill space with unnecessary tasks how often you mindlessly reach for your phone.

Become interested in your boredom and use boredom as a trigger to engage with your thoughts.

Ask yourself, what is it that is making me uncomfortable at this moment?

What is it that I truly need?

Challenge yourself to remain present with the discomfort of boredom.

With mindfulness, we can reverse our perspective on boredom and recognize it as a calling to relax, slow down and enjoy.

May your every day be filled with joy.

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