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Meditation @ The Third Space has been evolving and growing since 2016. There are currently three regular practices – Mindful Meditation, Monastic Meditation and Meditate to Re-create, with additional meditations run throughout the year. All meditations are guided practices, with an experienced facilitator guiding each session. All of our meditations are based on the Judeo-Christian philosophy of “shalom” – a Hebrew word for peace. Shalom peace is a holistic and incorporates the body, soul, spirit and mind. Each form of meditation incorporates different aspects of shalom with our motivation for meditating being finding these different aspects. Mindful Meditation specifically aims at bringing a peace to the body and mind through the practice of mindfulness, deep breathing and relaxation exercises. The practice is a thoroughly evidence-based practice shown to decrease stress/anxiety levels and improve creativity and concentration. Monastic Meditation aims to achieve “shalom” peace – of mind, body, soul, and spirit through integrating mindfulness, silence, the Lectio Divina (Divine Word), and through engaging in “talking circle” – an opportunity to voluntarily share personal reflections that come as a result of the meditation. This practice includes an invitation to the Spirit of the Living God to speak to us deeply. Meditate to Re-create is our newest practice and is currently held at the end of the working day. “Re-create” can mean, “to form anew in the imagination” and this practice uses visualizations with sound, touch and an invitation to Creator to re-create us during the meditation.

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