89. The Magic of Mugwort: Unwritten Ways of Healing & Chambers of Ancient Memory (w/ special guest Kami McBride!)


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Sacred to the goddesses of old, known to all ancestors who occupied the Northern Hemisphere, and beloved by wise folk and herbal healers from the Ice Age until today, mugwort is one of the most magical and practical medicinal plants in the world. May we come into relationship with this potent ally in order to widen sensory gating channels, ground into our center, and remember who we are.

With special guest appearance by Kami McBride!

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  • A knowing beyond knowing, ancient and ineffable

  • Mugwort is a door opener, a wayfinder, a welcoming bridge to the realms of consciousness needed to cultivate a deeper relationship with the natural world

  • How mugwort initiated me onto the plant path

  • The medicine of bitters & the necessity of assimilation

  • Mugwort’s affinity with the womb and pelvis, and how it healed me after a terrifying injury

  • Mugwort oil accesses the deepest tissues of the body and enhances the action of other plants

  • The vibration of enchantment

  • Mugwort’s place in kitchen herbalism

  • Menstruation is truth serum time and mugwort heps you love your blood

  • Solar and lunar herbs

  • Kami’s favorite plants to blend with mugwort

  • Herbs that help you to be alert and relaxed at the same time

  • The power of mugwort smoke

  • Beer, the moon, and the ancient goddess

  • The dreamspace and the opening of portals

  • Ritual, ceremony, and ancestral communion

  • As the witches teach- ancient plant healers and the suppression of knowledge

  • A little known effect of bringing mugwort into your life

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