88. Confessions: Ancestral Foodways, Modern Matriarchy, & the Power of Radical Honesty - Katya Nova


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Did my guest get more hate when she announced she wasn’t vegan anymore or that she was flying out of the country to connect with an ex lover while pregnant with her fourth child? Leave your judgements behind and explore food, sex, motherhood, and what is gained when you hurl yourself into the abyss only to discover that it’s a feather bed.

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  • The kindness Katya showed me as I sobbed my heart out when we were still strangers

  • A life history in geography- from Ukraine to Canada to Dominican Republic and now Costa Rica

  • What does it mean to be a woman rooted in her peoples’ traditions healing her ancestry?

  • The grief and joy of childhood lost and how memories live with us when people and places are gone

  • Being someone who takes leaps of faith over and over again

  • How having kids changes a sexual relationship

  • How do we follow our dreams and desires while being mothers and partners?

  • Practice following the impulse that brings your heart forward

  • Our diet is reflected in our reproductive & sexual tissues- painful sex, low libido, and slow childbirth recovery can be related to lack of nutrients in the diet

  • The twisted vegan logic of believing that “there’s no death on my plate”

  • We must look at long term personal and generational health when assessing the value of different diets ("but I feel good” doesn’t cut it)

  • The common story of childrens’ teeth crumbling on a vegan diet (it happened to Katya) and how to remineralize them

  • Eat for your biology, not your ideology (it’s a song- sing it your way!)

  • Nourishing ourselves with ancestral foods

  • The birth of the Matriarch Collective & Confessions of a Well Nourished Woman

  • Losing all fear and choosing radical honesty about who you are

  • After restrictive eating- where do we go from here?

  • The opposite of holding on isn’t letting go, it’s digestion

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