87. Elemental Interbeing, Food Information Overwhelm, and Cell Deep Nourishment for Women - Kymber Maulden (prometabolic, bioenergetic nutrition)


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The cell is the foundation of life, and biological science is clear on what our cells need to most efficiently generate the energy that runs our bodies. Gut, autoimmune, and hormonal issues all have underlying metabolic causes. Let us cut through the noise and remember how to eat to enjoy, nourish, and repair, and not for ideology.

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  • Energy and structure are interdependent at every level

  • Metabolism is not what most people think it is

  • Removing major food groups limits your body’s ability to generate energy

  • Metabolic safety for women- the body can’t heal if it’s in survival mode

  • What disrupts a woman’s metabolism

  • Restrictive diets are metabolic-lowering stressors to the female body

  • Women’s “progress” in society has come with a metabolic price

  • Being overwhelmed by constantly changing nutritional information & how prometabolic is different

  • The problem with too much plant consumption

  • Nutritional rigidity and a look at raw, vegan, keto, and paleo/carnivore diets through a metabolic lens

  • The importance of carbs- when we don’t have enough glucose the body will start relying on stress hormones for energy production

  • Kymber’s past with extreme food intolerances and how she healed them

  • The few foods that should be avoided because of their metabolism-lowering, gut-destroying effects

  • What fear of food, and black and white nutritional thinking, does to us

  • PUFAs- what to know about polyunsaturated fatty acids

  • The story behind the post-industrial vegetable oil toxic sludge we’ve all been consuming for decades

  • The way our skin responds to the sun is largely contingent on the foods we’re eating

  • When the body rusts from the inside out- iron, PUFAs, estrogen, and internal oxidation

  • Everything you’ve learned about iron is wrong and you’re almost assuredly iron toxic (this is so important, especially if you or anyone you know has been diagnosed anemic)

  • The trade-offs of trying to get our nutrients from synthetic sources

  • Copper, magnesium, and remembering that minerals are elements that originated in stars

  • Technology cannot make us healthier

  • The nutrients in animal foods are vastly more abundant and bioavailable than those in plant foods

  • Eating this one food everyday has dramatically improved both my and Kymber’s health

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