Bonus Episode: The truth about 'luxury' prisons


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Media Storm presented by Mathilda Mallinson and Helena Wadia

If you’ve read UK news over the past year, you’ll likely have heard of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill making its way through Parliament. It’s a "tough-on-crime" piece of policy - a phrase the government use readily. And it’s back in the headlines this week, as The House of Lords voted against its plans to clamp down on disruptive and noisy protesters.

Part of the Policing Bill's promise is sending more criminals in prison for longer. Yet, judging by some headlines, being locked up isn’t even punishment enough. Prisons are frequently criticised for being too luxurious and too lenient. Is this really the case?

We asked Paula Harriott, who spent four years in prison, to tell us the truth about so-called 'luxury prisons'.

Paula Harriott (@paula_harriott) is Head of Prisoner Engagement at the Prison Reform Trust (@PRTuk).

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