Bonus episode: Intersectionality and Body Image


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Content warning: Eating disorders

Media Storm presented by Mathilda Mallinson and Helena Wadia

Bonus Episode: Intersectionality and body image with Stephanie Yeboah and Essie Dennis

New Year, New You. Or at least, that’s the message you've probably heard in the mainstream media for the last month. On last week’s episode "Fatphobia: Healthcare by Size", we dissected how the mainstream news media helps the diet industry profit off of our insecurities. But - the conversation doesn’t end here, and that’s because fatphobia doesn’t affect all plus-size people in the same way. Various intersections, such as race, or gender identity, or queerness, can change the way people experience body image. We asked author & journalist Stephanie Yeboah and author & artist Essie Dennis to tell us more about their experiences of body image and intersectionality. Stephanie spoke about the Body Positive movement's erasure of plus-size black women and why she feels the movement no longer represents her, and Essie told us about her new book Queer Body Power and finding positivity in a world that tells you to just be smaller...

Stephanie Yeboah (@stephanieyeboah) is a content creator, journalist, and the author of Fattily Ever After.

Essie Dennis (@khal_essie) is an artist and owner of the art shop Queer In Colour. She is also the author of Queer Body Power, out on March 21st.

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