[3-38] Helping boys build identity and self-worth free from pornography


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Porn is a health issue that impacts EVERYONE—women and men, girls, and boys. Still, the statistics are clear that boys consume porn more frequently and earlier than girls. So while we work hard to dispel the myth that “only boys struggle” we certainly don’t want to minimize or dismiss their specific challenges. What do they need? How can we reach them? And how can we help boys build identity and self-worth free from pornography?

In this episode, I talk with Sathiya Sam, the creator of DeepCleanTM, an addiction recovery program for men. Sathiya knows firsthand how early exposure can negatively impact a boy’s sexual development. He was just 11 years old when a friend showed him pornography in the computer lab at their school. We talk about his initial reaction. And how, in the absence of another. framework, porn continued to shape his ideas about sex throughout adolescence.

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