Episode 244: 'The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent' with Keith Phipps


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Nicolas Cage is “Nick Cage” in the new movie from director Tom Gormican. It’s a buddy comedy, it’s an action flick, it’s a meta-commentary on movies themselves (and Cage’s career in particular). So who better to have as our guest than the author of the new retrospective Age of Cage, Keith Phipps (of The Next Picture Show podcast, The Reveal, and more)?

We’ll also daydream about what other stars we’d give the ‘Unbearable Weight…’ treatment!


  1. IMAX CEO Says Day-and-Date Movie Release Experiment Is Over
  2. Avatar 2 Footage (and Title) Debuts at CinemaCon

What’s Good:
Alonso: gargling with apple cider vinegar
Drea: Ghost by Dolly Alderton
Keith: Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama by Bob Odenkirk
Ify: Leica Q2 & Steam Deck I

The Buster Keaton episode of The Twilight Zone is called “Once Upon a Time”

Staff Picks
Drea: Red Rock West
Alonso: Irma Vep
Keith: Petite Maman
Ify: Color Out of Space

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