Happy Valentines Day: Siddha Wisdom of Love Blessings


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Valentine Day's Siddha wisdom of Love in Blessings:
One of life's most precious gifts is to have each other as love, as partner, family, as friend, and as fellow human.
To awaken ourselves to being the Spirit and to journey within to Being, we become whole. We are Love.
The dynamics within each relationship is enhanced with long term caring love for each other when partners are spiritual.
Awake, we understand physical embodiment is temporary. We look beyond to the Light in each. We are sensitive, kind, good and empathetic to each other simply by Being whom we are.
When whole in being Love, we lift each other. We are forgiving of the human limits of each.
We value the greater consciousness of each other for the wisdom, reality of love and the positivity of the magical Now of each that multiplies each other.
To the greatness of Valentines Day is in becoming love, liberated to love each other unconditionally and evolving together with all flaws & shortcomings.
Happy Valentines Day! May Humanity awaken in being the Love that is blessings of Oneness!
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