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Masashi Osaku 2nd Time in Hiroshima, Japan. July 7th Booking&Contact ? Jul_2009 "ENJOINT" (Mirror Download) 01.Goksel Vancin/Velocity (Utku Dalmaz Remix) 02.Jaxfeed/Tetris (Detune Remix) 03.Moby/Pale Horses (Gui Boratto Remix) 04.Thomas Sari/Raw Data (Solaris Heights Remix) 05.Slok/Deesgustocosmicow (Phoniclab Remix) 06.Ryan Sullivan&Simon Kaind/Wardrobe in the Garage (Chris Stock&Glenn Topping's Garage in the Wardrobe) 07.Harry Axt/Frachter 08.Neuroxyde/Yebo Yebo (Neuroxyde From Berlin Rework) 09.Tonecast/Murder&Fingerprints (Simon&Shaker Remix) 10.Sunnery James&Ryan Marciano/The Desert (Rehab Remix) 11.Corona/The Rhythm Of The Night (Da Fresh Boot) 12.Leftfield/Phat Planet (Mark Knight&Funkagenda Remix) 13.Dom Kane/Breakthrough (James Harcourt Remix) 14.Obscene/Can You Go Deeper 15.Dean Newton&Huggy/747 16.Hermanez/Blister (Spektre Remix) 17.Afonso Maia/Cut Fingers 18.Virgil Enzinger/Real State Of Things 19.Fefo, Dario Arcas/From Heaven To Eart (Henry Saiz From Earth To Haven Remix) --> Information [Official Web Site] [Masashi's Release] [Mixcloud] [Plastik Philosophy] organising events and releasing MIX-CD for Masashi Osaku [facebook] Catch me ! [Resident Advisor] VOTE Me Now ! [You Tube] Watch the Masashi's Movies !!! NOTICE !!! You may get only a few minutes mix . But that means imcomplete download .Try again until finished .

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