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Masashi Osaku coming to Zurich on April 4th @ Aubrey, Schiffbaustrasse 10 Zurich, Switzerland Booking&Contact ? Apr_2009 "von Japan nach Zurich" (Mirror Download) 01.Rennie Foster/Devil's Water (Miquell Santos Mix) 02.Alex Smoke/Lost In The Pile 03.Sharam Jey/Don't Lie (Martin Buttrich Mix) 04.Steve Lawler/Distrait (Nick Curly Mix) 05.DJB/Incheon (Neal Paul Slowtech Mix) 06.Rene Amesz/Ploert (DJ Remy&Roland Klinkenberg Mix) 07.Short Bus Kids/Blow&Hos 08.Andre Hommen&Gorge/Marashi 09.Martin Solveig/One 2.3 Four (Mason's Dark Disco Mix) 10.Plasmic Honey/I'm A Believer 11.Zoo Brazil/Gainer (Zoo Brazil Mix) 12.Alex Celler/Tempera (DJ Chus Stereotek Mix) 13.Kim Fai/P.O.V. (Steve Angello Mix) 14.Moguai/Beatbox (Moguais Punx Up The Volume Mix) 15.Mfom/Culinary Rules (Yura Popov Mix) 16.SGT Slick/Right In The Night (Vandalism Dub) 17.Daniel Portman/Final Frontier 18.Francis Preve&Wolfgang Gartner/Yin 19.That Kid Chris&Scot Cox/Unite --> Information [Official Web Site] [Masashi's Release] [Mixcloud] [Plastik Philosophy] organising events and releasing MIX-CD for Masashi Osaku [facebook] Catch me ! [Resident Advisor] VOTE Me Now ! [You Tube] Watch the Masashi's Movies !!! NOTICE !!! You may get only a few minutes mix . But that means imcomplete download .Try again until finished .

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