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Masashi Osaku coming to Zurich on April 4th @ Aubrey, Schiffbaustrasse 10 Zurich, Switzerland Booking&Contact ? Mar_2009 "More Intensity" 01.Ideshow/If Alone (Chateau Flight Dub) 02.Florian Kruse/The High Tide Is In (Turn Of The Tide Mix) 03.Tom Clark&Daniel Dreier/House Camp 04.Mike Frade/Midnight Strut 05.Timo Maas/Subtellite (Argy Mix) 06.Hermanez/Gold Coast (Barretz Mix) 07.Jeremy Olander/Blade Runner (Matheus Komar Mix) 08.Sundan&Dino Lenny/Cocaine 2009 (Lenny&Amnesia Mix) 09.Solila/Coast To Coast (Luke Fair Mix) 10.John Shelvin feat.Molly/Just Like You Said (Simon&Shaker Dub) 11.Niki B&Christian Effe&DJ Chus/Hossa (Jose Cabello Stereophonic Dub) 12.Joeri Jamison/Manic 13.Jerome Sydenham&Dennis Ferrer/Sandcastles (ATFC Mix) 14.Jacuzzi Boys/Ramba Zamba (Sascha Krohn Mix) 15.Cassino&Laben/Get Me Nervous 16.J-Soul/Get Ahead (Pig&Dan Mix) 17.Sebastien Leger/The People (Eric Prydz Mix) 18.EX Da Bass&Ian Brearley/Riga Nights (Tomcraft Mix) 19.Joey Beltram/Dragon (Marco Bailey&Tom Hades Mix) 20.Uone&Pavel Khvaleev/Make Me Wet --> Information [Official Web Site] [Masashi's Release] [Mixcloud] [Plastik Philosophy] organising events and releasing MIX-CD for Masashi Osaku [facebook] [Resident Advisor] VOTE Me Now ! [You Tube] Watch the Masashi's Movies !!! NOTICE !!! You may get only a few minutes mix . But that means imcomplete download .Try again until finished .

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