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DJmag Top 100DJs 2009 is Open, VOTE for Me ! I must need your cooperations for Winning. Please Visit And Vote DJ Name : Masashi Osaku Many Thanks, Masashi Osaku Booking&Contact ? Aug_2009 "Blue LSD (no repeat)" (Mirror Download) 01.Dirty Channels/Es Codolar 02.Fontano/I wanna fly (Moonbeam Dub) 03.Francois Dubois & Master H/Rise (Chymera Remix) 04.Rene Sandoval/I Can't Describe (Sandoval Dub) 05.Jotto/Plaphone 06.Marco Petralia feat.Jimmie Wilson/Gettin Deep (Baggi Begovic Dub) 07.Chris Lake & LYS/La Tromba (LYS Remix) 08.Sleek/Crank 09.Mario Da Ragnio, Orli/Bahula (Belocca Dub) 10.DropX/Bombardier (Dr.Kucho & Juan Serrano Remix) 11.DJ Yellow Presents.Mindz Control Ultra/Sleep With Me (Wink Edit) 12.Cirez D/Fast Forward 13.Jamx Beam & Vace/Pressure (Dub) 14.Mindskap/Till Dawn (Twilight Rework) 15.Victor Calderone & Carlos Fauvrelle/Out There (Synth Remix) 16.Lifecycle/Gluttonous Dub (Luke Chable Remix) 17.Blake Jarrell/Boracay 18.Paul Harris/The Take (EDX's Acapulco At Night Remix) --> Information [Official Web Site] [Masashi's Release] [Mixcloud] [Plastik Philosophy] organising events and releasing MIX-CD for Masashi Osaku [facebook] Catch me ! [Resident Advisor] VOTE Me Now ! [You Tube] Watch the Masashi's Movies !!! NOTICE !!! You may get only a few minutes mix . But that means imcomplete download .Try again until finished .

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