Chapter One: Houston, We Have a Spider


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Lisa Cartwright starts her new job as a Junior Residential Security Analyst at Panopticog Solutions, and begins surveilling The Onar’s residents, including a mysterious newcomer named Helen Black. MARVEL’S WASTELANDERS: BLACK WIDOW starring Susan Sarandon as Black Widow, and featuring performances by Eva Amurri (Samantha Sugarman), Megan Byrne (Training Video Emcee), Nate Corddry (Jordan), Amber Gray (Judy), Melissa Gilbert (K.I.M.), Chasten Harmon (Lisa), Daniel Jenkins (Pro Spritz Lite Emcee), Michael Imperioli (Stanley), Justin Kirk (Hank), Alan Muraoka (Dr. Brian Mizuno), and Shannon Tyo (Observation Assistant). Directed by Timothy Busfield. Original sound design and music by Daniel Brunelle. Written by Alex Delyle.

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