#157: Amazing Spider-Man #96-98 (w/Denis Kitchen) - "In the Grip of the Goblin!"


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As the founder of Kitchen Sink Press, Denis Kitchen published some of the most important independent and underground comics of the last 50 years, including Bizarre Sex, Gay Comix, Omaha the Cat Dancer, Will Eisner’s Quarterly, The Crow, and From Hell. He has also been a lifelong defender of the First Amendment rights of comics retailers, creators, and readers, and is the founder of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, of which Marvel by the Month is a member. We hope you'll consider becoming one as well at cbldf.org.

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Stories Covered In Detail This Episode:

"-- And Now, The Goblin!" - Amazing Spider-Man #96, written by Stan Lee, art by Gil Kane and John Romita, ©1971 Marvel Comics

"In the Grip of the Goblin!" - Amazing Spider-Man #97, written by Stan Lee, art by Gil Kane, Frank Giacoia, and John Romita, ©1971 Marvel Comics

"The Goblin's Last Gasp!" - Amazing Spider-Man #98, written by Stan Lee, art by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia, ©1971 Marvel Comics

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