Mars, Anong Say Mo: Kasal, Hiwalay, Kasal Ulit (w/ same person) Boomerang Couple Marriage w/ Mars Tita Neneng and Tito Jake


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One might think of divorce as final, that after a relationship, a chapter in one's life closes and each party must move on. But sometimes, when circumstances and growth allows it, the flames of the past come back and a couple can continue where they left off. We have two guests who have much to share, who's love story prevailed in spite of its ups and downs. We have Kumareng Neneng and Kumpareng Jake, what has come to be defined as a Boomerang couple. They candidly speak of their past, their time apart and the eventual reuniting, sharing circumstances that led to their choice. Mars, What Na? is part of the BUNK Collective. Discover more podcasts at and connect with us through social media @thebunkph Advertise with us! Hit us up at and let's collaborate. Support this podcast through and inquiries and partnerships, e-mail us at Join our community Discord channel at and join the conversation with the BUNK hosts! Connect with Mars What Na

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