America's Damp 40, Episode 07: The Penultimate 35


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There was a "35 moisture-units per hour" joke here but Sarah just couldn't get it to go. YOU should go listen to the second-to-last episode of our America's Damp 40 countdown, as America, Dan Hill, Seals & Crofts, Kenny Loggins, and Foreigner all slosh onto the chart. How did George Martin get in here? Did one of the legion of Dans solve toxic masculinity -- from Canada? Why did the users disagree with us about the dampness of partnered sex on a hot day? And who won the battle for Kenny Loggins's soul, feelings and underpants or triumph and uniforms? Fill a 200-lb bag with tapioca and draw a Sharpie beard on the side of it: it's Episode 07.

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