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Cassie is joined again by Anita for the eleventh interview in Anita’s journey using the law of attraction to manifest money and more.

They cover the following topics:

(Show notes taken from answers given on the pre-interview questionnaire.)

Anita’s manifested a total of $180,000.

The biggest way Anita has grown in the last few months is, “I can make several big investments in a year and know that more money is coming.”

Anita shares her coolest evidence which is, “More and more money coming in on my rental properties, without stress.”

How Anita’s Future Self is showing up, “Totally trusting the process and making bold money moves easily.”

A big way Anita has shifted is, “That I don't have to worry anymore. Money is going to arrive, and the more I keep stepping into the person I want to be and making big investments, the quicker I grow.”

Anita knows it’s happening because, “I see the evidence all around me, in my home, in my body, and in my investments.”

Anita shares the biggest way she has grown recently, which is that she routinely makes $10,000 investments.

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