How to Go Viral At Any Age. w/ Developer & Entrepreneur & Enshrine Co-Founder Derek Gorthy


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How to find your voice and fanbase in content creation regardless of age, background, ethnicity, ability. Derek Gorthy is a software engineer turned serial entrepreneur that's been starting businesses since 15. He is passionate about empowering independent content creators and is looking to revolutionize the creator economy with his new startup, Enshrine. In this episode, we talk about content creation, monetization, and its future. We discuss web3 technology and how it is empowering platform development. We compare different platform-based earning models and objectively discuss their benefits for you. We talk about going viral and how to capitalize on that moment if you ever find yourself in that position. This episode was an excellent opportunity to pick a content platform developer's brain on how you can gain a more significant, more engaged following and create revenue by creating perks for that following, resulting in enrichment for both parties (you and your following). Do you want to hear the conversation? Click here now.

Quote of the Episode:

“If you have that community of loyal followers, they want to engage with you. They are willing to take out time, and probably money to engage with you in ways that if you go on Instagram and look at your pictures, it’s beyond that.” Derek on why monetizing your content should be an option.

Topics Covered:

- Fostering Growth in Online Communities

- Content Creation

- Web3 Technology

- Monetization From Content Through Tier/Incentive/Reward Models

- Taking Control of Your Platform and Messaging

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