Address The Elephant AND The Mice In The Room w/ Author and Coach David Wood


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How a simple approach to conflict resolution and hard conversations might allow you to truly be seen, heard, and validated. Because you know, the elephant always comes with a mouse. David Wood, founder of Focus CEO believes in the power of naming things. Specifically, David has created a system that can allow you to identify, describe, simplify, organize and, more importantly, engage with difficult people, conversations and even yourself. These named things, he calls Mice. Naming what's right in front of us gives shape and form to what can be invisible - insult, shame, fear, curiosity, etc. In this episode, David and I discuss how we can better manage our lives, take accountability and be more productive. We review his Mice methodology and roleplay some Mice I have in my life. Naming things, being engaged, and fighting denial is necessary work. Right? Let’s talk about it.

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