Entrepreneurs, It’s Okay To Trust Your Team w/ Attorney Dara Rosenbaum


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How developing strategic, trusted partnerships can allow you to overcome fear, take charge and make the right decisions. As entrepreneurs, we all tend to have an obsessive take on our business which can sometimes lead to micromanagement, unilateral decision-making, and a healthy fear of delegation. That’s not the space that we want for ourselves or our companies. In this episode, we speak to attorney Dara Rosenbaum, founding partner at Rosenbaum and Taylor, about developing trusted partnerships. We not only discuss how attorneys can support your business goals and demystify the law for you, but we also cover how to let go of the reins and give some of the responsibility of your business to subject matter experts. It’s hard work to build a mutual, trusting relationship, but vetting and asking the right questions can help establish your expectations and their competence from the start. Let’s discuss how it can be done.

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