Literacy Saves Lives! w/ Global Literacy Expert & Author Danny Brassell, Ph.D


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How dedicating just minutes a day to reading can vastly improve your family’s success trajectory. Top CEOs read 60 books a month. Your child reading for 30 minutes a day can critically improve their grade scores. What would happen if you and your family read every day? You would be in line with top CEOs, and your kids would kill it in school. That’s a part of Danny Brassell’s mission. In addition to being a multi-book author, speaker and coach, Danny wants to help parents and students understand the importance of developing strong reading habits and the effect they can have on your lives. This former South Central LA teacher has fought for literacy globally: reaching developing countries and spreading this message throughout the US to get you and your family to read more. In this episode, we talk about his journey, why reading is actually fundamental, and how Danny is doing his part to fight cyberbullying through word choice.

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