Pre-Modern Medicine Wellness w/ Holistic Expert Magic Barclay.


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How you can improve your overall health by investing in long standing cures that pre-date Western medicine. Every day there's a new superfood, antioxidant, or berry that can revolutionize your dietary needs and health. For entrepreneurs, leaders and pretty much everyone, we consistently look for the item with the greatest return on investment. We want the cheat code to longevity. But how can we determine the right dosage, herbs and combinations if we are infact engaging with unregulated medicine? That's the talk we are having with Magic Barclay. She is an expert on holistic and organic treatments and tells her own story of recovery from multiple illnesses. As part of my "Wellness Series," we look at how being informed about global methods of healing and nutrition can round out some of the practices we adopt, with Magic Barclay.

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