Innovating Events & Connecting Communities with Managing Director of ReesLeisure, Chris Rees #S2E6


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When Chris Rees created a feasibility project for a college assignment, it was the humble seed that’s grown into ReesLeisure, where he’s running events for thousands and raising millions for charity.

From the Southampton Marathon to the innovatively named and inclusive ‘Try Tri’, Chris’ prerogative has been to benefit an expanding community with his network of sporting events, involving a city-wide community in an emphatic celebration of the area.

Listen to this week’s Making The Podium for more on how Chris combines confidence and vision to earn buy-in for new ideas, where he lands on entrepreneurialism as nature vs nurture, and the value in coordinating events with local councils & communities.

This episode covers:

  • How Chris composes his innovative, large scale local events
  • Building the confidence & vision to pitch bold, novel ideas
  • Chris’ use of sporting events to bring awareness & footfall to local areas
  • Creating multiple touchpoints with the community

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