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How do you find, activate and enable your top-tier GTM agency partners?

That’s the million-dollar question for robust platforms like Simon Data. To find out, I asked their new, but successful VP of Partnerships Sharice Siegel to the podcast along with one of her new GTM agency partners - Alex Bauer, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Power Digital.

Listen to this episode if you are after what we call “Power Partners” - those you GTM with and who build strong service offerings on top of your solution.

The three of us discuss:

  • Core pillars of a CDP’s partner program
  • Where agencies fit into their strategy
  • How to quickly bucket partners by key value opportunity
  • Points to understand around Power Digital’s agency persona
  • How Simon Data develops persona’s ideal for GTM strategy
  • Finding those agencies who sell to CMO’s
  • When and why Alex ignores most “partnerships” outreach messages
  • What Alex / Power Digital prepares with their chosen GTM partners


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Reveal - A free account mapping solution.

Partnerhub - for finding and managing your partnerships.

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