How to find and enable partner your first partners, w/ Recart and Budai Media


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Today is another version of this podcast where we get to hear from two long-time partners and uncover what they are doing to ensure ROI from their partnership.

With me is one of my favorite partnerships managers Nic Romaya, Head of Partnerships at Recart, and his partner Daniel Budai of Budai Media - a retention marketing agency in Europe.

We go deep into the weeds on these topics:

  • Determining “Partnerships Market Fit”.
  • Finding your first partner.
  • Developing first partner into a case study, to build a partner program around.
  • How the CEO of Recart developed the first few partnerships himself.
  • Recart’s unique cash upfront incentive model.
  • Nic’s experience with commissions incentives to agencies for their partnerships teams vs their CEO.
  • Why Daniel see’s most “partnerships” calls as a waste of his time.
  • What can partner managers to do ensure the agency owner wants to get on a next call.

This is another actionable boots-on-the-ground strategy pod for you all.

But before we start this episode, let’s hear about 3 products which work to enable your program to scale.


Partnerstack - Partner tracking and payouts.

Reveal - A free account mapping solution.

Partnerhub - for finding and managing your partnerships.

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