The Waxing Cycle of the Moon | Ep #13


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The waxing cycle is the time to chase our dreams.

In this episode, Yasmin talks about the waxing cycle of the moon, how to know which cycle you are on just by looking at the skies and what to do during this cycle.
There are two main cycles of the moon: The waxing cycle and the waning cycle.
What is the relationship between the waxing cycle of the moon and manifesting?
The waxing cycle is the time when the moon gets bigger and bigger every night until it reaches its peak brightness at the full moon and takes about 2 weeks long.
The waning cycle begins from the moon's brightest and it gets smaller and smaller until it becomes invisible.
Top 3 things to do during the waxing cycle of the moon:

  • Chase your dreams. Go after your goals!
  • Keep your new moon intentions in your mind. Remember the affirmations you created for yourself and keep going. (if you joined the Moonology Manifesting Challenge, this is where you follow through with those intentions)
  • Stay connected to the diving. Whether you chant or work with angels or goddesses, ask the energies to be with you and keep you motivated while you work toward your goals.

Remember: Waxing cycle on, waxing cycle off
That's just the tip of the iceberg. Tune in to the full episode for more!
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