Could this be your Lucky (New Moon) Week? | Ep #33


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It's a New Moon week...

And it's the first New Moon since the eclipse - what does that mean?
It's time for an Eclipse Clean up! (but what does that mean?)
When it's no good to just set intentions, and burning them, it's time to shake it off! And literally, shake it off. (Get on YouTube and look up "shaking") Move your body and shake up all the S-H-I-T.
Remember: Every New Moon is a chance to start all over again.
Plus the New Moon is taking place conjunct Venus and Mercury - so it's very good for talking through love and money issues... when and why?
Which celestial beings are best to work with this New Moon?
And what's the lucky Jupiter mantra, as lucky Jupiter resumes forward motion?
Plus the New Moon times around the world and the best dates for having all-important healing conversations.
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Have an amazing week...

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