How To Build Your Tribe


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Roy "Flash" Gordon is a professional wrestler, fitness pro, and coach who helps people WIN by building their mindsets, bodies, and spirits through more vulnerable relationships with themselves and the world.

Today I want to talk about building your tribe. Bringing the right people into your life, why it's important, and of course, recognizing when a relationship of any sort is no longer serving you.

Your network is your net worth. Meaning, you can expect your results to be correlated to the people you're spending your time around.

That said, if you spend your time around people who take away from your energy, your time, or make you feel like shit, you can expect your results to reflect that. It also means if you're surrounded by a bunch of hungry people, hustlers, people that make you be on you’re A game, and those that support you, you can expect to be able to play at the highest level AND help each other achieve success in some way.

The problem is, taking a look at this obsession the world has with being nice. We have friends come into our lives and unless they do something truly heinous, most people seem to believe that those friends are owed time, attention, and a pass to stay around, even if we don't get the same amount of value from the relationship.

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